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Old City Coffee is a coffee roasing company incorporated in 1985 at its original cafe location on 221 Church Street.  OCC, as our coffee-lovers call us, is the place to go for excellent, authentic coffee roasting.  Since 1988, Old City Coffee has roasted 100% Arabica beans in the heart of the Reading Terminal Market.  Since 2007, we've also been brewing coffee at our auxiliary location in the Reading Terminal, known as The Pad, where OCC brings you yet antoher way to get your hands on our fantastic brews.  We love our coffee as much as you do.  Our passion for importing, roasting, and brewing coffee with excellence and ethics in tiny batches every day is what we've prided ourselves on for nearly 30 years.







Tel: (215) 592-1897

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Café Menu: Espresso, Cappuccino, Café Latte, Americano, Espresso macchiato, Breve, Mocha Latte, Mochaccino, Tea, Non-dairy beverages, Hot chocolate, House-made chai tea, Hot apple cider, House made baked items, bottled juice and Italian soda

Coffee Beans: Signature Blends: Balzac, Bollywood, Church Street, Espresso, Six Bean Espresso, Los Angeles, Mocha Java, Old City, Reading, Riverfront, San Francisco, Sumatra Mandheling; African: Ethiopian Longberry Harrar, Kenya AA Estate, Tanzanian Peaberry, Uganda Bugisu; Pacific Rim and Asia: Sumatra Bali, Organic Bali Blue Moon, French Roast Sulawesi, Hawaii Kona Lions Gate Farms, Maui Red Catuai, India Plantation A, Kona Island, Viennese roasted India; American: Organic Fair Trade Brazil Nossa, Brazil Poco Fundo, Colombian, Costa Rica Tarazzu Dota Estate, Costa Rican Honey Process, Jamaica Blue Mountain Clydesdale Estate #1, Peruvian Green, Puerto Rico Hacienda Ana Luisa

Coffee brewing apparatuses, AeroPress, Filters, BeeHouse porcelain, Luminarc Glassware, Aladdin thermoses, Zojirushi signature mugs with artwork by Joanne Isaac

Accepted payment methods: All major credit cards, cash, and RTM gift card

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